BESTER Premium Osetra Sturgeon Black Caviar


TASTE : Bester’s Premium Ossetra Caviar has exquisitely rich creamy and nutty taste. It’s perfect smooth taste & firm texture allows caviar to burst in your mouth by spreading rich nutty & creamy flavor. Caviar is harvested in traditional method by cutting fish, raw eggs only, non-pasteurized. Firm large to medium pearls may vary in color from dark to light grey or amber color have distinct pop that spreads mouthwatering rich nutty flavor.
SIZE : Medium to large size pearls, on average 2.8 – 3.2 millimeters. Perfect on its own or with blinis & creme fraiche. It’s almost impossible to stop after first taste. Our Sturgeon lives in a virgin nature in a crystal clear water and eats all organic fodder to ensure the finest quality of its roe. We source only the finest quality caviar from top producers around the world.
INGREDIENTS : Salt Content: 3% “Bester” Caviar is full of nutritional value & a great source of vitamins, microelements, including omega 3, other nutrients – vitamins A, E, B6, Iron (which help to promote strong bones, teeth & healthy immune system), Magnesium & Selenium. Our caviar has No antibiotics, No hormonal additives, Not pasteurized & Not milked, No artificial flavoring or color added.

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BESTER Premium Osetra Sturgeon Black Caviar

(1.76 oz (50g)) – Malossol Ossetra Black Roe – Premium Quality, Traditional Style, imported


Life consisits of moments. Create a unique and special moment for the closest to your heart

Bester Caviar is a perfect gift idea that will be honored & remembered…Celebrate Your Life With A Magical Bite Of Bester Caviar!

BESTER CAVIAR is produced by the experienced Aqua-farms in the World, harvesting premium quality malossol black Caviar for decades, Rova & Karat brands.

BESTER Caviar is harvested in traditional method only which ensures top quality sturgeon roe full of vitamins & micro-elements. Our sturgeon indulges the unparalleled life condition-crystal clear water that fish live in, organic fodder fish consume, the traditional method of harvesting ensures the highest quality Caviar.

  • Enjoy smooth nutty & creamy taste with clean aftertaste no mushiness, we select only perfect firm & large pearls for you
  • We use only classical methods of harvesting that allow us to keep the original taste of Caviar
  • Get top quality Caviar at 40% less with 2 months shelf life so you can enjoy the caviar for a longer time.
  • Our Caviar is organic

  • Surprise your family and friends with the delicious and luxurious delicacy in the World: Black Caviar
  • Become the favorite host in your community by treating your guests with mouthwatering, exquisite black Caviar, blinis & champagne
  • Bester Caviar ensures the highest gastronomical pleasure even for the pickiest caviar connoisseur
  • We carry all required paperwork & required approvals to import caviar to the USA

  • Use Bester Caviar with blinis, pasta, baked potato or as topping on sushi & sashimi, oysters or on toast with cream cheese and salmon
  • Perfect appetizer with no downtime of cooking
  • Recommended to serve with: Blinis or on Mother of Pearls Spoons
  • Drinks: Champagne Brut or Vodka

DELIVERY : We Ship Overnight to all states in the USA via Air in Thermo-secure boxes on frozen gel packs, good for 48 hours transit time with Fedex Priority Overnight 1 Day Shipping. NEXT DAY DELIVERY on orders placed before 1 pm EST (Monday through Friday). Orders received on Friday after 1 pm EST till Sunday are shipped on Monday. Orders placed on National holidays are shipped Next working day.

Packed in Tin or Glass Jars, “Bester” Caviar has a shelf life of 3-4 Months under 28-36 F. This Smooth & Finest Caviar from Bester Caviar comes with FREE mother of pearl spoon.

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