Festival del Jardins de Pedralbels to be held in June

One of the most eagerly awaited and popular festival at the start of the summer in Barcelona is the Festival del Jardins de Pedralbes at the gardens of Pedralbes. In June some international and local artists will perform live at this festival which has been a yearly affair since 2013. Some 35,000 tickets have been sold due to pent-up demand as the 2020 event was canceled and some of the sold tickets for 2020 were returned to be used this year. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Festival Jardins Pedralbes 🌴🕌🌴 (@fpedralbes) The line-up of the ninth Pedralbes Gardens Festival includes performances by artists such as Sara Baras, Love of Lesbian, Loquillo, Rosario, Manel, Raphael, Niña Pastori

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