5 Sensational Villas in India to Enjoy this Monsoon

Finally, the monsoon is here! The most romantic season that everyone eagerly waits for the whole year. It’s the time of year when nature is at its best. Cool breeze flows by; rain droplets nourish the plants, settles down the dust. Undeniably, it is the best time to explore the beauty of nature. Dark clouds all over the sky, sitting by the balcony, sipping a hot cup of tea, spending time with your loved ones, while music plays in the background jamming with the sound of the pitter-patter of the rain. Sounds refreshing right? So why not plan a staycation to enjoy this beautiful season to its fullest? Can’t decide where to go? No worries, we have handpicked the five …

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11 Reasons To Visit Sikkim, India’s Alps

Epic Road Trips Mountainous terrain, national highways and winding, narrow roads itched on rocks, precarious at every bend and the reward of gorgeous views of valleys and distant mountain peaks attracts travellers. Welcome to the east of Sikkim. What was once the remains of the old silk road transiting from Tibet to India is now a bucket list for bikers and 4×4 enthusiasts. The hamlet of Dzuluk (or Zuluk) at 2,900 meters is surrounded by wild forests, home to deer, Himalayan bear and red panda. It is here that we find the three level switchback roads (Kalimpong – Zuluk Route) with about 45 hairpin bends, possibly one of the most scenic drives in India. The entire route is 90 kilometers …

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Top 10 incredible sights in the heart of Ladakh

Destination India Chants of the old-world Shangri La beckon in the sublime mountains of the Himalayas Deep shades of brown and blue fall into this visual palette of rocky mountains, all rising against ethereal lakes. The hems of this landscape are already riveting, but inside its doors are much more to offer, like secrets hushed from the outside world, for the Himalayas do not share their secrets. 1. The Gateway to Heaven Ornate archways stand to greet at the entrance of Himalaya’s mountainous precepts—a winter-bound region brocaded with barren, brown mountains and seemingly abandon paths. Cars are a rare sight, buildings are sparsely built, but here, a hidden community clings to the foot of the mountains, which seem to have …

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Ananda In The Himalayas

This Himalayan Spa has just been voted Best in the World!

Ananda in the Himalayas Why did this hotel catch your attention? What’s the vibe? I arrived in the evening after a long and stressful travel day. The grand Maharaja’s Palace at the entrance was an impressive sight, aglow in the dusky light of the fading day. There was an old-world grandeur to the palace that was contrasted by the modern buildings that housed my room, the restaurant, and spa at the back of the gardens. The mood is very zen. Guests were speaking in hushed tones and wearing the white pajamas provided by the spa. What’s the backstory? Ananda was founded by Ashok Khanna, a hotelier who dreamed of a holistic hotel and spa that synergizes Indian traditions luxury and …

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